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To "tractical"

Viestiketju Muusikkojahti -osiossa. Ketjun avasi Sinny 10.11.2003.

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  1. Sinny

    Sinny Guest

    Hi! I read your "Free rap lyrics to mail"-post, and I'm very interested in those lyrics. I just couldn't write back to you in that topic, so I started a new one, hopefully anyone won't mind.
    So, how can I get your e-mail address? I understood that you can't give it here.
    BTW, I compose myself, not rap but anyway, I'm just not so good in writing lyrics, that's why I thought you could help me. One subject could be dying (my friend died while ago), I composed a song to him, but I can't find words to that song. But I can tell 'bout those subjects later, now I'd just need your e-mail address, but how?:)
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