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swap ja 700mb ripit

Viestiketju PS2 -osiossa. Ketjun avasi Jani324 05.01.2004.

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  1. Jani324

    Jani324 Guest

    Voisko joku auttaa mua et miten tää homma tehään?? Iitellä ei ooo enkku parhaita puolija..Kiitos todella paljon Vastauksista..

    What you'll need

    -A 700MB dummy file (either one of your own concoction or using a Dummy-creation file)...I will use my copy of Kill Bill again for simplicity-sake.

    -The JPEGs I included in this thread (hot-swapless should be the name of the zip file

    -The plain, un-image-compiled files of CDLoader 1.2 (although it MAY work with other versions...I do not know), which are downloadable in this thread (somewhere).

    -Nero (once again, for simplicity, I'm using nero as the example...CDGen MAY work, but based off the 3 image-copies I burned, it didn't work).

    The process

    -(assuming you've downloaded or already have the cdloader 1.2 files), unzip them into any old folder

    -Inside the folder, you should find all of the usual files (I forget if I included DUMMY.000 or not, but it doesn't matter, as you'll be making or inserting one soon).

    -Now, take your 700MB file, and rename it to DUMMY.000 (it may work being named as something else, but I didn't want to take any chances in screwing something up), and (if I included it with the cdloader 1.2 Raw files replace it with the original dummy.

    -Open up Nero and start creating a new DATA disc (or new ISO, as it's called in later editions). Setup things using the following settings:

    ---ISO type: Mode 2/XA
    ---Burn type: DAO (make sure the disc is finalized, so it can't be written to again...again, this may not make a difference, but I've never been one to take chances...CD-Rs are very limited to me.)

    -Now, unzip the zip that contains the photo, and take a good look on how I've arranged the file setup in Nero. Open up nero and do the same.

    (extra step-If you haven't already done so, go into the CDburner preferences and change your settings to overburn...if you're using a dummy file that is EXACTLY 700MB, give or take a few kbs the total filesize of the final disc will be 703MB)

    -Now, if you've done all of this, burn the disc.


    -How to hot-swap with this one: you DON'T need to ^_^!

    -Boot up either Gameshark 2 V2 or Swap Magic CD 2.0 (btw, is there a 1.0 floating around out there??? ), and swap in your new copy of CDloader 1.2. If you've done everything right, it should boot up, and you'll see these glorious words and numbers at the bottom of the screen:

    Media: PS2 CD0-----------------703MB--------------PS2LOADER V1.2

    -Now, just swap in your 630MB + DVD Rip, hit X, and enjoy!

    Source : (you know what to put in the starts) http://www.************/forums/show...threadid=11268&

    Precompiled file: http://www.************/TOC_DISC.rar

    Now i havnt tested this simply cuz i dont have a single rip thats unpatched
    Im dl'ing ssx3 and ill let ya know if it works when its done
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