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Ohjeet asennukseen... How to make your own Memory Card Exploit using the Independence Installer

Viestiketju PS2 -osiossa. Ketjun avasi rixamix 18.01.2005.

  1. rixamix

    rixamix Member

    Onko kukaan kokeillu tätä, tämä löytyi tuolta englanninkieliseltä puolelta... itse kokeilin mutta kun laitoin levyn ps2:teen niin se sanoi että error reading DUMMY file...

    I follwed L-Burna's directions here, but found them just a little confusing:

    I have a Fliptop PS2 using Swap Magic 3.3 to load the information on the CD-R I created. As long as (you know how to/ have a way to) boot CD-R's then you are fine.

    Tools Needed: DOWNLOAD ALL FIRST

    WINrar (best to extract files)

    PS2cdgen (you can grab it from the mcexploit2 download)

    Files you need from Keylauncher: http://www.siirlabs.com/ps2dev/kl/release/ps2-keylauncher-0.2+-image_USA.rar

    MCexploit2 (to make your TITLE.DB and to have CDGENPS2)http://www.exploitstation.com/downloadnow.php?cat=downloads_2&file=20

    PS2Menu: (this will eventually be your BOOT.ELF file)

    Alcohol 120% (if you don't have it grab it here)

    Daemon Tools (so you can mount the Image and grab the files)

    MUST HAVE A PSX(Playstation One) game, you'll be grabbing the SLUS file from it (this is your trigger disc)

    Steps in Succeeding with the Independence Memory Card Exploit: (ALL CREDIT GOES TO L-BURNA, I'm just making it a little more newbie friendly)

    1.After you downloaded KeyLauncher you need to right click on the Daemon Tools icon in your icon bar, then select Virtual Drive, "the drive itself", then Mount Image to that drive. After you do that, double-click on my computer and you will have a new drive that says "KL". Open that up and minimize it!

    2.You have to make a TITLE.DB (disregard the one from KeyLauncher). Before you do anything, let's grab the SLUS number off your Playstation One game. I am using Asteroids.(CREDIT FOR THIS GOES TO AzNPuLSe)
    A. grab the PSX disc that you'll be using to boot your exploits with.
    B. goto My Computer and right click on the cd-rom drive that the PSX Disc is in and click on Open.
    C. this should open up all the contents of the disc. Once your in there, copy and paste the filename "SYSTEM" from the psx disc to your desktop.
    D. run the notepad application and select Open from the File menu.
    E. select All File Types and open the filename "SYSTEM" that you you copied to your desktop.
    F. the first line is the only information you need. it should be something close to this. BOOT=cdrom:\SLUS_007.73;1 All you need is the SLUS_007.73 part of that line. Yours should be different, assuming that your not using the same game as me.
    G. Write that CODE (SLUS_007.73) down and you should be finished with the this first part. =)

    3. Now that you have the SLUS # let's create your TITLE.DB file (CREDIT FOR THIS GOES TO AzNPuLSe)

    A. Open the mcexploit2 you downloaded from above
    B. extract it to C:\MC (since it's easier when using Command Prompt)
    C. goto the start menu and click run...
    D. type in cmd and click ok
    E. the Command Prompt should open and enter the command "cd c:\mc" (without quotations) and hit enter.
    F. now type in "titleman -a {the code you wrote down}" (dont type the quote or brackets.)
    example: titleman -a SLUS_007.73
    G. hit enter and it will scroll a bit of information and at the end it should say "Adding 'SLUS_007.73' to TITLE.DB...done." or close to what you put down as your code. Now your finished with that. Good job!

    4.Now if you have these Items then you are ready to place them in the CDGENPS2 program: I recommend opening the KL (keylauncher) and CDGENPS2 windows, then right-clicking on your bottom bar and hitting TILE WINDOWS VERTICALLY (this will help it make it easier to drag and drop) After you have that ready, then start dragging these files into CDGENPS2 in this exact order:

    /CDVD.IRX (from KeyLauncher)

    /EXPINST.ELF (from KeyLauncher)

    /SYSTEM.CNF (from KeyLauncher) **After it is in CDGENPS2 you must right click SYSTEM.CNF and hit EDIT. Then click Fix LBA and type in 12231.

    /TITLE.DB (This is from the mcexploit2 download that we added YOUR SLUS file too, so it is under c:\mc

    NOW in CDGENPS2 it should have a button on the left of the program that says New and has a picture of a folder.Click on it and name it FILES. Then double click the New FILES folder to enter its directory.

    Now open the FILES folder from the KL (KeyLauncher download):

    Copy these files in the exact order:

    /FILES/KL.DAT (KeyLauncher download)This file should be the first to go into the FILES folder.

    /FILES/BOOT.ELF (DO NOT GRAB THE BOOT.ELF OUT OF THE KeyLauncher download) Instead open the PS2MENU download and DRAG PSMENU.ELF into the FILES folder in CDGENPS2. Then right-click on PSMENU.ELF and rename it BOOT.ELF

    /FILES/CSL.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/CDLOADER.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/HDADVANCE.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/HDLOADER.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/MCFORMAT.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /Files/MCLOADER.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2LINK.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2LOAD.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2MEDIA.ELF (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/IPCONFIG.DAT (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/IOMANX.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2DEV9.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2IP.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2LINK.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/PS2SMAP.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/UNRAR.IRX (KeyLauncher download)

    /FILES/SYSTEM.CNF (Grab this from the KL (KeyLauncher download main directory) you DO NOT need to edit it this time)

    Alright these files are to make all the Applications work. An .ELF file is basically an Execution File.

    Make another New Folder in CDGENPS2 and label it DUMMY. Then double click the DUMMY folder you created to navigate to its directory. Then open the DUMMY folder from KL (KeyLauncher download)and drag the DUMMY file into the new folder in CDGENPS2 that you just created.

    Create the .BIN and .CUE

    To create the .bin and .cue click in CDGENPS2 program at the top where it says File and scroll down to where it says Create CD.Click on it and it will build you the .bin and the .cue file which you can burn with Alcohol 120%. Name the file whatever you want and place in on your desktop. (that should be the default path)

    5.Now open Alcohol 120% and place a blank CD-R in your CD-RW burner. On the left bar select IMAGE BURN and then click browse and find the .cue file you just created. Click on it and then hit, Next, Next , and Next until it is done burning.

    Now you should wait for your disc to burn and if successfull we will launch the exploit using the Swap Magic 3.3 CD or a modchip whatever way you use to boot your discs.

    6. After its burned put it back in your CD-ROM to see its contents. If you see all the files, then you burned it correctly and can move on. If you see a .bin and .cue, then you just burned the files and not the image (this is your first coaster (wasted CD-R) and you need to burn it as an Image next time). Start over :)

    7. Take your Swap Magic 3.3 CD (not the DVD, THE CD) Swap Magic comes with two discs, one for CD's and one for DVD's. If you are booting a CD-R, then you need to use the SMD CD (Swap Magic Disc CD).

    8. After it tells you to Load Program, then swap out the SMD and put it the CD-R Memory Exploit you just created.

    9. If this works you will see something that looks like a command prompt screen installing the files and then it will say COMPLETE.

    10. After it says, COMPLETE reset the PS2 and then put in your PSX (Playstation One game). It should boot to a PS2Menu. This is where you can access all your programs (like a "C" drive) Hit SELECT to view commands.

    11. To get into the programs such as: HDLOADER, you will need to scroll down and "X" on BADATA-SYSTEM (this is where all the programs are) then find the .ELF (HDLOADER.ELF) and hit "X".

    12. If you get in the wrong directory it is like command prompt, so just click "dir.." to go back one.

    13. If you are using this with a HD (Hard Drive), then check out this list to make sure it is compatible first: http://ps2drives.x-pec.com/

    Let me know if there is anything else that needs to be stated. Maybe something that confused you by following these directions and then we can re-word them, to make them even better!
  3. rixamix

    rixamix Member

    jep... olin laittanut DUMMY kansion väärään paikkaan... nyt toimii...
  4. HaHakkeri

    HaHakkeri Member

    saisko noi ohjeet suomeksi?ei toi lontoo ole aivan iskussa.

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